Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week #4 - 2009

Actual meals
Jan 21
Roast beef with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas
Jan 22
a really awful meal from a Burger King after a very busy day
Jan 23
cornflake chicken strips with sweet potatoes and green beans
Jan 24
pancakes for breakfast
leftovers and snacks the rest of the day
Jan 25
eggs, sausage, toast and OJ for breakfast
Smoked turkey, baked beans and salad for lunch
pizza for supper
Jan 26
oven fried chicken with corn, green beans and a big salad
Jan 27
Smothered steak with a big salad

What I bought

1 pound butter
2 gallons Orange Juice
1/2 gallon milk
pack of cheese slices
3 whole chickens (no water added and health- fed kind)
3 pounds chicken breasts - boneless and skinless
1 pack Healthy Ones franks
1 pound sharp cheddar
1 bag chips
1 loaf wheat bread, 1 pack wheat hot dog buns
red grapes
spring mix
romaine hearts
2 bags frozen vegetables
case of water
sandwich bags
2 rolls paper towels
5 bottles Dawn dishwashing soap
2 boxes Electrosal dishwasher tabs
1 mouthwash
2 Rolaids
1 bag dog biscuits

Walgreens deals - 3 sodas, 2 tissues, 1 toothpaste and 4 face creams


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Looks good. In Feb. I am going to have a shop at home first meal Plan all month,
    Your pantry looks good.

  2. "a really awful meal from a Burger King after a very busy day" - I've had a few of those meals too! Your pantry looks nice and full. I need to start checking out Walgreens again!

  3. Rhonda, I love your pantry. Don't you just love looking at pictures of other people's pantries? I do! And their sewing rooms... :o)

  4. What a fab pantry! Mine is warm since all the heating pipes are in there. We insulated them but it is still too warm in the winter. I do keep things in there that are not effected by the heat and sometimes prop the door open with our trashcan to let the heat out into our living/dining room. Now that is being thrifty...lol!

    Have you found your spending has improved by keeping it recorded on your blog?

    Hugs ~


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