Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I kept track

It was really not much effort at all to keep track of our 2008 household spending and coupons.
Whenever I had a new receipt, I stuck in under a magnet on to the side of the fridge.
Then usually on Sunday afternoon, I went through each ticket, added up the coupons and totals, then posted it here on the blog.
Because it was posted on the blog, it was a great incentive to stay with the record keeping.

I'll be doing the same thing this year but so it will make more sense with my budget and when our pay periods start and stop, and when grocery ads run, my "week" for this budget will start on Wednesday.

My first week started off great! I only spent $40.08.

I am starting off the year with a well stocked kitchen and that should help with totals.

Here is what I bought last week. I know it does not represent a balanced menu, but I had lots of things already on hand.

4 Garnier hair products and 2 Electrosal - with coupons and sales, all were very cheap

1 gallon milk
4 pounds rice
1 box Saltines
24 count corn tortillas
2 pounds tomatoes

Food Pyramid
1 gallon milk
1 loaf bread
11 pounds ground sirloin

Dollar Tree
corn chips

Actual meals
Sausage biscuits for breakfast
black eyed peas, ham, rice and stir fried cabbage
whole wheat waffles
pizza with turkey pepperoni
New York Crumb Cake (half recipe)
Chicken and noodles
eggs, toast and sausage
vegetable beef soup
Mexican casserole with green salad
turkey chili with corn chips and green salad


  1. Thanks for explaining how you keep track of your groceries/coupons. Sometimes I think I try to make things harder than they are. But then again I'm going to have to remember my receipts or not lose them. ha.

    I love your pantry, it looks so roomy and organized! :)

  2. Rhonda, I am going to join you in keeping track of my grocery spending this year. I will be interested in how much I save.

  3. I think $75.00 is a very good goal. I know you can do it! Loved the picture of your pantry. You have a nice one.

  4. what a great idea!!!! i was looking for a better way to do this and you gave it to me!!

  5. I think I'm going to do that too. It'll be fun to see how much I've saved at the end of the year!



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