Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garage sale purchases

Our little addition had it's annual garage sale today. Jeff and Jimmy both came with me and it was nice to just be able to walk to each one.
For Gavin
outfits were 25 cents each
blocks - 75 cents - I don't think they've ever been out of the bag
brand new big bottles of baby wash and lotion - still factory sealed - 50 cents each

2 lamps to re-do $2 total
straw plate holders 10 cents
ice trays for Jimmy 10 cents

this container of scrapbook paper and cardstock was marked 10 cents a sheet. I offered her $5 for all and she took it. The stack is about 2 inches thick. The scrapbook paper has some nice prints and the solid cardstock will be perfect for Cricut projects.

a cute pear for 25 cents
See more yard/rummage/garage/thrift store deals at


  1. Wow, lots of good bargains! You did good, Rhonda. :)

  2. i love garage sales! (tend to be car boot sales over here...)
    Esp. I like the paper

    thanks for your comment on my blog

    hope you don't mind if I shamelessly promote my latest blog post which is shamelessly promoting a new crafty charity project - please read it and if you feel able help advertise (or contribute in any other way) that would be FAB

  3. You found some great bargains! Well done :0)

  4. Awesome finds! I just paid a buck for 4 of those plate holders at goodwill!

  5. Hey Rhonda,

    Great finds! I love finding my boys great clothes at yard sales! Would love to see your lamp transformations!

    Saw crafts/DIY in you labels so decided to follow and then go check out more! ;o)

    Hugs, Rhonda in AR.

  6. That pear is too cute! Love it! And that was a great bargain for the scrap book paper! ...another Rhonda :)

  7. As a new cardmaker, the paper would have come home with me too! Great bargain! Cute lamps too!

  8. Love the pear...too cute and the scrapbook paper..what a deal. I have a Cricut also and love it!

  9. Well done! Excellent finds Rhonda!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Life's little essential and a bargain to boot.

  11. Rhonda, very nice finds! Love that little pear, it would be cute painted white.

  12. Great finds and you didn't even have to leave your neighborhood. Can't beat that.

  13. Lots of good stuff. Have a great week. Debbie


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