Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 22 - 2009

This has not been a normal week. For part of the week, I was at home and cooked meals there. But now I am back in Texas helping my parents as my dad recuperates from surgery and my mom from a fall.
I kept track of the groceries I bought but not of the meals I've cooked.

I bought some frozen food for Jeff and Jimmy to have while I am gone. They both know how to cook but after work, I am pretty sure they would just prefer to heat up something instead of cook a meal and then do the dishes too.

What I bought
frozen chicken
3 cans each fruit cocktail, grapefruit and peaches
2 bags pretzels, brown sugar and vanilla
butter and margarine
3 bags spinach, grape and roma tomatoes, 3 bell peppers, 2 cucumbers and 3 pounds onions

2 Neopolation ice cream used $1 coupons on each
5 frozen pizzas
2 Mexican dinners
4 pot pies
3 pounds hot sausage and 3 cans grands biscuits - made this into breakfast sandwiches
smoked turkey lunchmeat
1 loaf bread
12 jello used $1/3 coupons on these
2 drink mixes, case of bottle water, 24 pack sugar free sodas - we needed extra beverages for the car trips
2 jugs of juice - white grape and pink grapefruit

I've been cooking meals at my parents. I made a new banana bread recipe yesterday that I found on Elizabeth's blog. It has a cinnamon in it and it really makes a nice loaf of banana bread. I did add pecans to my batch.

Grocery Cart Challenge hosted by Gayle


  1. I'm sorry to hear your parents are having problems. It seems all my friends who are about my age have aging parents too. Hope they are better soon.

  2. I love banana bread. I have never had it with cinnamon. May have to experiment with this recipe!


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