Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 24 - grocery budget 2009

what I bought
3 rolls paper towels
Dollar Tree
3 loaves bread
assorted sodas
2 packs gum
1 bag chips, hamburger buns, large oatmeal, beef bouillon, 6 pounds converted rice, 3 squirt mustards, 2 boxes mac and cheese mix, bag of sugar
3 cartons ice cream, gallon skim milk, quart of half&half, 2 dozen eggs, 3 cans Grands biscuits
hot dogs - used a free coupon
2 M&Ms - more free coupons
dryer sheets, Cascade, sandwich bags, 2 Spray Starch and paper plates

June 10
turkey enchiladas with Mexican rice and salad
Pork loin with potatoes and zucchini
Beef yakisoba
French puffs for breakfast
sandwiches and chips for lunch
beef taco salad for supper
cereal for breakfast
spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, big green salad and ice cream for lunch
ham sandwiches for supper
Smothered steak with onions and mushroooms, no knead Ciabatta bread, spinach and broccoli
leftover ham from Sunday, hash browns, green salad and cantaloupe

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