Friday, June 12, 2009


Update - I guess there really was some hail in my town close the size of a baseball. This picture is from Nina's MIL. She works on the OSU campus and found this outside. I am guessing there are many OSU workers with beat-up vehicles from this hail.,

Oh My! A big thunderstorm with hail and lightening just blew through our neighborhood.

See the white hail puddled up in the flower bed? The news just said there was baseball sized hail somewhere near us but ours looked pretty small.

And remember those pretty garden pictures I posted yesterday? Well, the plants are not so pretty now.....

what is left of the stargazer lily -

scroll down to yesterday's post if you want to see how pretty it was just 24 hours ago.

the vegetables in the barrels looks pretty sad and wet - it rained so hard and our backyard is under water but it usually drains off pretty fast

I think the tomatoes look the least damaged.

There is a little good news - I thought about mowing today but that will scratched off of my to-do list until everything dries out. And this storm really lowered the temperature too.


  1. Oh my! There seems to be a wet theme today for you and I. I like your wet better. I had to do the 'draining' myself. Can you believe I have had the heat on sky high all afternoon and evening. It has one advantage...I cannot complain to Jos that I am cold because of my

    You and my mother were the only ones so far that got the humor of using the Soggy Bottom Boys for that blog entry. :-)

    Hugs ~

  2. Goodness! I've never seen hail that huge! I imagine it did quite a bit of damage. We had a bad storm roll through here last night but it was mostly lightening and torrential monsoon rain!



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