Thursday, June 11, 2009


Stargazer lily blooming out front - Theo wanted to smell it.
In East Texas, these lilies were blooming and I saw several big, impressive clumps of them. Mine are all single bulbs so far but I hope they will multiply.
In the backyard, I have 3 barrel planters. One has yellow squash, one has zucchini,

and one has cucumbers.

Grape tomatoes - my favorite!

Early girl tomatoes - don't tell her that the grape tomatoes were earlier though!

Herbs - the 2 basil plants are growing the thyme all died.


  1. beautiful plants Rhonda! I know you will enjoy eating the fruits of your labor!


  2. Awesome lilies! Ours are covered in buds, but they haven't made an appearance yet. :)

  3. All your plants look great! I like the way you have the squash growing in a tomato cage.


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