Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 25

This weeks purchases


2 boxes Hefty food bags

Purex detergent

2 shower soaps

1 face cleanser

4 Skippy peanut butter

4 100 ct. Lipton tea bags

3 reach toothbrushes


2 bags yellow onions, 2 boxes grape tomatoes, 9 roma tomatoes, 3 colored bell peppers, 4 green bell peppers, celery, 3 bags romaine hearts, 4 bags spring/butter salad mix, spinach, 4 ears corn, iceberg lettuce, 1 watermelon

3 pound ham for sandwiches

11 pounds chicken pieces

2 packs ground white turkey

3 packs 93% ground beef

1 pound bacon

4 bags shredded cheese and 2 packs sliced cheese

4 cans tuna, 12 cans beef broth, 12 cans pork and beans, 2 cans mushrooms

olive oil

spaghetti and macaroni, 2 saltines, 2 pretzels

glass cleaner, liquid bleach, paper napkins


sodas, 2 1/2 dozen eggs, 2 chili powders,

bananas, grape tomatoes, red grapes

3 Dawn dish soaps, mouthwash,

5 Reach dental floss, talcum powder

Styrofoam trays and bowls


June 17

Chicken Fajitas and refried beans

June 18

Spaghetti and a big salad

June 19

Pigs in a blanket with fried potatoes

June 20

a late breakfast/early lunch at Red Rock

waffles for supper

June 21

cereal for breakfast

smoked chicken and beans with a big salad, cheesy potatoes, Red Rock bread and 3 desserts for Fathers Day

June 22

leftovers from Sunday

June 23

Turkey meatballs with Roma sauce and noodles, big salad

want to see more shopping and menus? visit Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge

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  1. I love your pantry! There's just something very satisfying about seeing the well stocked shelves. I guess it's a feeling of satisfaction, prepared-ness and all that good stuff! :)


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