Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Thursday - Roofs

This weeks Theme Thursday is roofs.
We have had 2 hail storms this spring and several of my neighbors have gotten new roofs because of hail damage.
The recession looks to be winding down for housing in my town. I counted 8 new homes being built in my little housing addition.
This is the back of one of them. They are mostly 3 bedroom homes with a split floor plan. They all have pantries in the kitchens and most of them have covered patios. This patio is on the right hand side of the picture.

Just the trusses, before the plywood goes up.

Plywood base, before the shingles go on.

One of the new homes almost finished, this one has a big covered patio on the back too.
I think it will be a great home for whoever buys it.


  1. glad to see the economy is turning around in some places. seems we have had our house on the market forever. put it on at the definite wrong time! sorry to hear about the hail damage. nature, what can you do? happy TT!

  2. Nice, optimistic outlook to go with today's theme! Very cool.

  3. I just love watching a home being built! Earlier in our marriage there was usually at least one new house going up in our neighborhood each year. It was so fun to walk through weekly and seeing the progress! Hurricane Ike took a few shingles off of our roof. We need a whole new roof and were hoping for more damage that our insurance company could pay for. ended up to be about 5 shingles. Oh well!

  4. I have a bit of vertigo just from looking at the people on the steep incline in that first photo!

  5. Heck of a pitch on that Hip roof, in the first shot. Nice post :)

  6. I remember visiting Florida after one of their hurricanes and being amazed at the number of people doing roofing! Good post! :)

  7. Good for you guys. We don't have that kind of building going on around here. Hope your community is starting a trend.

  8. i see a lot of new houses going up in our neighborhoods as is weird, i wonder where all the new buyers are coming from!


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